Mafia Setup Research

The gist is to produce something along the lines of:

At each node within the tree, randomly choose a child to follow: that PR/element is within your game. Define subgraphs to enclose certain portions of the tree, corresponding to the amount of players within the game.

Creating a "balanced" structure (lol) will take some time, but this is obviously a novel development in mafia setups.{ %20%20start%20->%20MafiaGoon%3B %20%20MafiaGoon%20->%20Tracker%3B %20%20MafiaGoon%20->%20Cop%3B %20%20 %20%20Cop%20->%20MafiaGodfather %20%20Cop%20->%20MafiaRoleblocker%3B %20%20 %20%20Tracker%20->%20MafiaRoleblocker %20%20Tracker%20->%20MafiaGoon2 %20%20 %20%20MafiaRoleblocker%20->Doctor%3B %20%20MafiaRoleblocker%20->Jailkeeper%3B %20%20 %20%20Jailkeeper%20->%20Vigilante%20->Strongman %20%20Jailkeeper%20->%20MafiaGoon3 %20%20Doctor%20->Masons%3B %20%20Doctor%20->Strongman %20%20Masons%20->%20MafiaGoon3 %20%20 %20%20start%20[shape%3DMdiamond]%3B }


Sorry dude but the math has already been done. Seems unsolvable

A lot of work has been put into the research here, will most likely be running it next game.

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I dont understand this graph

Game will always have a Goon, RB
50/50 to have a Cop/Tracker. if cop -> add Godfather otherwise add Goon2
50/50 to have a Doctor/Jailor. if doctor -> 50/50 masons+goon3/strongman otherwise 50/50 vigi+strongman/goon3

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

This something I tried to do a while back.
Better than anything I came up with.

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This is a prototype, concept art. Once I gather some funding, I'll write code to simulate mafia games and then utilize a genetic algorithm to come to the optimally most balanced mafia tree.

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I do like the start.
If town get a cop, mafia get a roleblocker or a godfather. Nice counter.
Town only get a cop and doc if mafia have a roleblocker. Smart. Follow the Cop is a game ruiner.
Not sure about the rest.
Also, the tree would depend on the number of players.
When I tried this with a variable number of players, I failed and gave up.

seems good Dr. Vanilla_Town