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It's great. Cheaper everything and better quality so it's win win. But it's the epitome of 2nd world in Kuala Lumpur. 1st world infrastructure with 3rd world culture so you see some weird ass cyberpunk type shit where it's crazy advanced tech with slummy ass living and lifestyle/behavior from some of the people.


Escorts and sugar babies here are chef's kiss

So apparently there is a lot of dark skin shaming in the culture so there is this insanely sexy Malay sb I am raw dogging and she's telling me how ugly she is because her skin is dark and she wants to get skin tone injections with the money I give her and I'm like damn this bitch is fucking crazy as I stick my dick in her

So ugly. I love my life right now.

Grass is much greener so far

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You have no life.

Not a gr8 look

where are you staying? i was in chinatown when i was out there. the perdana botanical garden was so nice.

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I'm hopping around KL. I booked several different Airbnb. Stayed in klcc, Bukit Bintang, Mont Kiara, and chow kit so far. I'm staying rn at Sri Hartamas. Might go back to Bukit Bintang or closer to my other sb in bangsar end of this month, or move to another city / country and start over

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Point proven.

You think i should be a author instead of a math larper?