Mario Movie Hype Thread

Trailer drops in two hours. What are your predictions for the plot?

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Mario struggles with substance abuse and self acceptance


princess peach is an 18 year old escort/drug addict whose father recently passed away

mario was best friends with her dad

in what started out as a bond of mourning soon changes as mario falls further in love with peach and becomes more obsessed with her

peach becomes scared of mario and runs away, but she’s soon kidnapped and held hostage by her drug dealer, whom she owes a lot of money

he says she will have to pay off the debt she owes by working for him and being pimped out, being held in the Castle 8 motel

as Mario figures out what happens, a Taxi Driver style training montage takes place

armed with a gun and strange obsession with his best friends daughter, what will he do?

coming soon


Luigi is mario's estranged ex special forces psycho brother who eventually comes around to helping him

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The whole dark twist thing on Mario is a funny thought, But I doubt its the direction Nintendo go for. I'm guessing controveries to surpass the whole "sonic face thing" back in 2018 though

Unlikely that Nintendo will diverge from the tried and true pattern we have all come to know and love with Mario for the first movie. Mario's Logan moment will come, if ever, 10 years into the Mario Cinematic Universe.

In this case, I am guessing for the plot that Bowser will steal Princess Peach and Mario will have to rescue her from the castle. They will probably add little Toads/Yoshis for marketing & merch purposes. No reason not to play it safe.

The only MCU I give a hoot about

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Four minutes. This could be one of the best-selling animated movies of all time depending on the trailer.

I'm watching it on Invadervie discord because one of the bros on stream gifted me a sub.

Yeah i'm thinking based.

Looks like I was right. They haven't introduced Peach yet but that's just because they don't want to spoil the major plot points

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Chris Pratt is not doing a good job.

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