"Mark All As Read" feature.

Jeff Atwoodcodinghorrorco-founder

Feb '13

We are strongly opposed to a “mark all read” feature on the project as we view this as a cop-out, as admitting defeat.

Two things:

  1. New topics don’t stay new. Try visiting again later to see what I mean.
  2. Visit your user page, preferences, and check out the “automatically track topics I enter” setting.

What did KZZ mean by this

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What have you been up to?


he lives.

jeff atwood is a disgusting goblinbeast.

Is this another goyclub troll

Hey what is the deal with Africans?

Did Dan make a fake kzz account in an attempt to salvage his namafia.com patronage?

can we get an official confirmation this is kzz

They even made it purple…

It’s me KZZ

Nma gets banned, there’s a kzz account made immediately after, and you all think it could possibly be anyone but nma lmao

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