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that sucks

that's crazy that his whole body is fucked up like that, gotta be one of the most extreme cases of bad posture. only gaming related injury I can think of that was worse was iNcontroL getting a blood clot and dying

i can mega relate to not enjoying pc games as much due to back pain

chiropractor? why

why do people go to chirporactors they arent even real doctors

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Mason was always a role model for me. Very sad to see him go. Rest in peace.

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I still remember playing mafia with mason on NADotA like it was yesterday. He will be missed.

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Dota: Not even once.

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@REFPSI what do you have to say in a time like this

can we get a prayer for mason?

he will get better soon

mason needs to fix his diet and lifestyle. eat grass fed beef and drink raw cows milk and work out.

hopefully he comes back healthier than ever, will pray for him, but he needs to stay away from doctors. Chiros are okay.

mason was actually pretty good at mafia unlike other og shitlords. grant and spitwad were terribad, grant was at least entertaining but would spontaneously grief

the idea that diets "need fixing" is just completely insane cope

sorry, you just have fat dumbfuck inferior genetics and you're going to have to wage a continuous war against your body to not be digusting

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you ever poop your pants?

Yeah bro I love e coli

thanks, now I have dysentery

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