Mass Shooting General

Guess it’s time to make one of these

Wish people would stop doing these.

Given our demographic who is our most likely candidate to commit this crime? Any crisis actors here?

Look my IQ is like 85!!

Every racially motivated mass shooter in history

Unfortunately Oxen isn’t around to be the safe answer any more, we need to figure this out.

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Delete this

Guys i’m beginning to think there’s a decent bit of right-wing terrorism going around our country. I cannot fathom why however

He hated Trump though

please read the post again he said he was a right winger not a trump supporter

Slowdives insinuation was that we have a racist terrorist as president

thus the rise in racist terrorism thanks for connecting the dots

Just doing my job as an unbiased investigator And Character Reador

Jdance is the best bet. Once he starts feeling more confident and girls still won’t touch him he’ll snap

Another false flag.

Come have a listen.