Matticus Mafia Day 4

The people of Townsville wake up to find Nyte the Town Bulletproof Bodyguard dead.

Day will end in 24 hours 2019-04-21T02:30:00Z

Alive players (5):

Majority is 3.

@mafiabot startday 3252

@mafiabot vc

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Player Lynches

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@mafiabot lynch @Nyte

I made a mistake by not killing Nyte before starting the day. Oops.

I can fix it.

Got town on Ian.

3 confirmed town.
1 mafia
1 unconfirmed town.

Last mafia has to be murs/friend.

We have 4 town. 3 confirmed. We win even with miss lynch on murs/friend.

Just lynch other if we get it wrong.

@mafiabot lynch @murs

@gwez @ian

Lynch murs if he's town lynch friend tomorrow gg.

can we lynch friend so the game ends faster

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w/e it doesn't really matter town wins regardless

@mafiabot lynch murs

@mafiabot lynch murs

Sure why not murs.

@mafiabot lynch @Friend

In before Ian master mind stalker took wintermute lawyer to give himself innocent

@mafiabot lynch Friend