Matticus, the stupidest artifact player on the site?

I think so

if you guys wanna have valuable artifact discussion i can make a subforum in other games. do yall think there might some people who wanna come here and post about artifart?

  1. Lost to the Tutorial
  2. Takes the longest to draft
  3. Unable to figure out how to put cards he drafted into a deck
  4. Needs other people in the tournament to build his draft decks for him
  5. Picks red/green
  1. Is unable to understand that if the number is red, there is an issue with it
  2. Unable to bring deck to capacity with a 20 card possible surplus
    8.Had to call in lifecoach on teamviewer to explain the game

No we want to post about it in general


If u make a subforum i will still post 3 artifact threads a day here

  1. will beat wintermute anyway

U realize that is creating extra work for u?

Agrubar i hope you match with klaze round 1 and he rngs you out

if he rngs me out im pipebombing valve

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i think matticus has been drafting for the past 45 minutes

40 minutes*

Fucking SHUT UP


I admit I didn’t do the proper research prior to accepting the tournament invitation.

Honestly if u play red green or pure green ur scum

I chose R/G.

Hi Matty,

I’m going to recommend a strong aggro trilane

You don’t even need to get lots of kills to justify it as long as you can win the lane by keeping their carry from farming

Pick something with a fast turn rate like naix

Well it seems like you’re a noob so I’ll give you a pass for 3 days

Red green/mono green is cancerous stuff

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