maybe i have cancer?

dude you cant just drop in to say you maybe probably have cancer but aren't going to do anything about it, people here actually care about you, it's fucked up. just go see a doctor, please.

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He doesn't have cancer. Stop acting neurotic it will only stress him out

? I don’t know go to the fuckin doctor

being neurotic is assuming you know better than the doctor and not getting it looked at because of whatever mental gymnastics youve come up with

go to the doctor

i've spent 7 hours today waiting for the dermatologist to clear and cleanup my dad's skin cancer. Would have preferred to just work

The people commenting don't have experience with american healthcare. Let me summarize it for you:

  • Go in there because you're a little neurotic thinking something's wrong with you
  • Doctor looks around a bit, is like yeah Idk. That's kinda weird huh but probably nothing to worry about
  • Just for the sake of it, let's run some tests
  • Tests come back, nothing exciting, you learn nothing. Doctor's like: yeah that's kinda weird but basically I wouldn't worry about it, dont see anything worth noting on the tests
  • Month later: Massive bill with made-up prices because you had some "elective" tests (no price offered up front) and your insurance chooses what they cover (no disclosure up front) and - as I said - all the prices are fictional in the US in order to justify the existence of insurance in the first place

Im literally sitting in a waiting room dealing with us healthcare rn

The truth is that if you are in your 20s and in good health you don't need to go to the doctor. You are subsidizing a medical system that essentially doesn't work (financially) - it has been designed not to work in order to keep a bunch of people employed.

What are you going to do if you go to the doctor Kyle? The doctor will tell you what all of us are already telling you: Treat yourself better, don't abuse substances, exercise and eat healthy and live well. The issue you came in for is probably nothing but who knows. Give it some time let us know if it doesn't go away. Here's your bill

And how's that going for you

It sucks

7 hours

Exactly. And you are not even the patient - it's not the same situation. In your dad's case he actually needs healthcare. And you haven't even gotten to the part with the bill, where you're like "What the fuck is the point of insurance again? Why didn't anybody say anything about cost at any point in this process?"

It's a weird round lump

Well actually im not the one dealing with it im just the chauffeur it still sucks

You're a weird round lump


Credit is where credits due: ass just decimated you

I got few of those, you ll be aight. it's just a lump. I got one on a side between my rib and a hip