maybe i have cancer?

i have a significant lump(id call it a ball upon further inspection.

it's totally round and entirely hard.

located between my hip and kidney.

maybe namafia got its wish and i have cancer>


Meds. Now.

thats not good

keep us posted please, best wishes

You're fine, ignore it it will go away

See a doctor. It could be a simple lump. But it could turn into cancer later.

i think ill just leave it. if its cancer then i deserved it tbh

after not taking xanax for 4 months my doctor randomly sent me xanax to my pharmacist

Trying to get you hooked again. Read "Empire of Pain." Can't trust these fuckers, ignore and block

Ur an idiot go to a ducking doctor so it can be evaluated

i went to see the van gogh exhibit last year when it was open at the dia that was pretty cool. i dont really have a fine definition for art im a layman at best for philosophical terminology of this stuff but carpenters and masons achieving a mix of function and form seems like it could fall under art. will be interested in matticus response 2 weeks from now

i tried


<00:56:56> "[TeamSpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": yeah give me your acc
<00:56:58> "[TeamSpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": poke me details
<00:57:11> "[TeamSpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": yeah tahts fines
<00:57:13> "[TeamSpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": dont trust nma
<00:57:15> "[TeamSpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": honestly
<00:57:23> "[TeamSpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": i just need to make a single post

ngineer": "there's plato's aesthetics, which emphasizes that "art" is evil because it's an imitation and puts forth a general idea that it's acceptable if it emphasizes human virtue. there's the tolstoyan view ("What is Art&quot that emphasizes art as a universal unifier. the newer stuff is stuff like the "artist" being able to "create a piece of art" that is indistinguishable from a piece of "non-art" but it is art because of artists intention."

<01:01:17> "cool": Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused (Official Audio) - YouTube

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SpeakUser] LandscapeEngineer": "and by indistinguishable, I mean that they're the exact same. the only difference is "artistic intention""

you can make an account to talk to theodore if you want

probably the smart thing to do but ya know