Me, a Goy Club Member deciding to make a New Thread

Who the fuck imagines an apple with a leaf on it, though?




D and H are blocked off

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A dignified person


The correct answer was A because it starts filling first so it will fill fastest than the other

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I thought it was G too but I'm glad I didn't say anything

That depends on the faucet filling A faster than it drains to B.

Build it and you will see.

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alightsoul is probably voting for bloomberg

me? I'm trying to go to sleep a few nights ago and I think of the sheep right?

and my mind is like a camera zoom, and the wool comes out in fistfulls, and you can see the crusted up skin with frequent ravines of putrid, maggot filled wounds. so I leave, try something else: the sound of water on a tarp, but the forest is burned out, the rain is acid, and there's no protection from the cold chaffing wind that now goes unimpeded on a once virile woodland.

have to get up and work on documentation/tiny refactoring on some project because it'll just continue.

have to stop consulting the necromonicon to reapply a curse to nyte because it's seriously taking a toll on me.