Melee thread

Anyone else on here play melee? Been super lost in the sauce again recently

Even bigger balc is tomorrow yall should watch it biggest PM tourney ever and also a pretty sick socal Melee regional. Stream starts at 11pm tomorrow and goes all day yall should check it out.

Melee Stream:
PM Stream:
64 Stream:

Hello mêlée player here

Forgot that wto had a melee thread in nadota lmao

Probably switching mains to puff since my neutral sucks ballsack with falco

I wish I could play puff I’m just so bad with him. I play icies but I’ve been playing a lot more Ganondorf recently

Puffs easy as fuck boi

A lot easier than Gannon for sure.

Currently I’m trying to see how many characters I can use to beat my friends cuz out of all us im by far the best.

So far it’s falco fox marth shiek puff falcon

Yeah I think I’m just really bad in the air cuz as icies u don’t really ever wanna be there. What in good at just doesn’t translate well to puff.

Just lost to megaxmas in a heartbreaking 3-2 at ebb :frowning:

At least I made top 32 tho pretty happy about that

I play 64 a bit still.

Ya she does play a bit different from other characters but u just gotta sit down and play a few friendlies and u get the feel of how to abuse her dumbass jump mechanics

good man

My brother owns me with like ever character lol. I can out up a decent fox. I like Samus I’m just not that great with her.


Fox is so much fun is hould play more fox

I don’t enjoy him in melee but I dig him in 64

I only play mario party netplay now, and i streamed 2 hours of a 40 man Ai royal rumble in WWF No Mercy.

Last I played smash i was kinda booty did 1 wobble and beat up a friend whose worse than me and i’m fairly bad to so-so at best. maybe Sm4.5sh will be my game in post PM (rip) world.

Is Mario party netplay decent now? Tried it with mupen64 a while ago but it was ass

Netplay Builds + Guides

64 (Mario Party 1-3):

GC (Mario Party 4-7):

Wii (Mario Party 8-9):

The most important part, was always being on the same save. This comes with very easy save reset batch files you just run before every session. I’ve played with people on the west coast and even a buddy from iceland at the same time without much issue.

i play mario party 4 and no other mario partys