Message for those interested in not reading any more NMAgane posts

Get in touch with me via PM or post something vaguely supportive here and I will reach out to you

Thinking of putting together a thing with all of our names on it so that it can be considered and some action might be taken

Reminder do not respond to any NMAgane posts in this thread


After being humiliated and exposed, Wintermute tries to salvage his roleplay game by making another even more embarrassing spam thread, on his knees crying for attention.
You’re a joke.

This is so awkward I wanna respond to his post because it’s the polite thing to do but I know that if I do I’m just feeding the troll.

Only troll you’re feeding is @big_ass.
I wouldn’t blame you - since you don’t know any better (as you were never a member of the old forum).
But everyone else knows what he’s doing, just flag for spam and move on.

Not a big fan of these kind of threads

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I consider this harassment and he did the same to dan

Enough is enough - plenty of people have expressed this opinion to me privately. It’s time to put an end to it

It’s spam and he’s only doing it to fuel his roleplay garbage. Just ignore, move to spam, etc.

I understand and agree with this position - however I have to start the thread so I can get names on the petition for you

I understand you believe in leaving people alone but sometimes people take things too far and I want to demonstrate to you that leaving him alone is having a negative impact on the site as a whole

At least try to sound serious when you make posts like these dude.

Regardless - no discussion needed here. I just want PMs from people and then I will send Roragok something.

No need to make this a big thing.

I mean just close your eyes nigga walk away from the screen hahahaha who cares

i dont post here anymore because nmagane and those typs of posts ruin the forum

take from that what u will phil, dan, etc.

its ur forum, feel free to run it how u want

No; you don’t post here because you don’t want to, don’t lie to yourself.

@forrest You posted all you could - but the lack of general public interest isn’t a result of me. No offense, you should just stop making excuses.

nmagane is actually better adjusted than like your regular run off the mill fucking lunatics like alightsoul or whatever that inhabit this forum

What dxid Nmagane do now?

yeah, these posts are totally not reading and totally not just “hurr how i can be as annoying as possible and pretend im not”

Le troll