Messages List Broken in Mobile

This is what I look like when I go to my inbox. Only the last message is shown


We should fix this in the programming / technology thread.

It’s just trying to render the object of objects instead of spreading it or something

I’ve seen it too just figure discourse will fix it soon lol

My fix is just refreshing it. I figured that worked for everyone

It has never worked for me.

iOS tho right? And you’re looking at the right path

Android. It works on the new phone I have so idk


Unrelated, but is there a user option to make spam show up in the latest category? Just realized I’ve been missing out on all the spam threads cause I don’t use the category browser on mobile

I’ll enable it since people have been using it in nonspam ways anyways. Thanks for letting me know, I don’t look at latest and forgot about that config


Just unmute it I think. No need to epok to do anything but its too late, I’m ok with it though.

I tried unmuting it, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

Maybe you had to put it on Tracking or Watching or something. I don’t know, Discourse is trash.

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