Mewing Thread

IF you aren’t mewing its fucking over for you

Will YouTube’s new ai not recommend mewing for being a false cure to jawlets?

unfortuantely no

currently opening my third eye and activating my sharingan by mewing

My tongue lips and teeth are already in those positions

congratulations ur a chad see you in hollywood

hell yeah

this is the confidence mewing can get you ladies and gentlemen

Can somebody find the video i linked on here couple weeks ago where she spends 30sec talking about the benefits of mewing in a vaguely reasonable way and then jumps directly to “activates pituitary gland and opens your third eye”

It was really great

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Wow it even made her lips bigger

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She’s really thoughtful and intellectual

Mewings not real

Go back home chinlets

I was chewing gum all day in order to improve my jawline and activate the growth plates (would like to be a little taller)

Get bruxism from having your parents kick the shit out of you age 3-13 and then look in a mirror

i wish i was a little bit taller
i wish i was a baller

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