MFW Taylor swift 22

d(O_o)b ..


Based. Based.based. Initiating base sequence. Based based based

Fun fact Skrillex is actually underrated

I remember clear as day when Skrillex bellowed his mighty birth cry upon theee airwavezz

Many Bros pounded their fists in unison to mark the occasion and signify the beginning of a new eDMpoch

So salacious and controversial was this new language that RA banned their writers from publishing negative reviews thereafter for fear of appearing elitist, non-inclusive, and providing poisonous publicity to the thing that would make them obsolete

The politics of dancing would never be the same and many a shuffling chin-stroker would beckon the halcyon days when the only enemy to be feared were the trance fascists!


You shoulda seem em......the Bros I mean.

They swept through my village popping mollies, we tried to reason with them but they wouldn't listen

They kept making the same demand over and over: Where's the drop?

They ended up taking all our women and coronating them as their queens with neon Indian headresses

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