Mike Bloomberg is the Future of NAMAFIA

There is no one better to take on Donald Trump.

My dad's voting for bloomberg, reason cited: There's no one better to vote for.

What about sanders dad? Grow a fucking spine.

bloomberg pos

let's live comment the debate

msnbc first question: calls bernie a socialist

Thought these guys were lefties! Why pan the leftist candidate?

Give bloomberg a shit ton of screen time

Too bad he looks like shit and is a piece of shit

Hahahaha sick hit warren. Tiny Mike roasted

Bloomberg looks like he stepped out of a coffin - congrats on inheriting the Biden vote when Joe went for his daily nap

Warren lays into him and calls him a misogynistic piece of shit billionaire (trump 2.0). She's running the hit for bernie here 100%

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Hits keep on coming. Gonna be a long night for little mike

Biden throws his flag in there. Hurry up joe i gotta go to bed in a couple min


Ni g er

Cienge nigege

Warren blasts everybody including bernie?

Liz Warren just wants to see the world burn.

What did Bloomberg mean by this?

Alright off to bed thanks for tuning in everybody

holy FUCK bernie sanders has THREE houses