Minecraft: A new world. A new hope.

I think the only solution to all of this is to start anew. Start fresh. Forget old hatreds, live in a new world with new hopes.

Clearly this community is very passionate about Minecraft(they should be) and that is a wonderful this however our previous world has too many old hatreds and we should start fresh. Forget the past and build a thriving community.

PS: i’m sorry dan i just created this so we can be strictly on topic about the new world and not talk at all about the old one(its a bit toxic in the other threads that only talk about the old world)

if you wanna start fresh and have an on-topic non-fighty thread that somebody will have to moderate, keep it in the minecraft thread on other games. if it’s blatantly offtopic ill handle it there, but otherwise i dont think another thread for minecraft in General is in order.