Minecraft Snapshots

looks like a new type of nether fortress added into the game

also now there will be broken nether portals randomly generated in the nether + overworld. pretty cool.

also they added chains and a new music dubstep disc

Gilded blackstone and broken portals generating in the overworld look sick

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yea lots of really cool stuff coming in this nether update.

do you know when theyre supposed to release it?

I do not know

The nether sucks ass and this update doesnt fix it

Yes the nether is shit and so is the entire concept of the end dimension

i think this new patch makes things more interesting and gives you more reason to actually go there but both dimensions have their uses i guess

I think the concept of having wood and ore and building a little home in the nether is cool

Plus the more they put new stuff (different bricks and generated structures) in the nether the more they can distract u from the fact they designed an endless wasteland of gloomy, mono-red nothingness

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the ends pretty lame tbh.. kill drag.. get shulkers and elytras. ya hoo

It's just too large

Like whose idea was it to have the first time you get an elytra be 30 mins to an hour of walking over a void and seeing literally Nothing.. and there are only 2 types of block and 1 enemy type everywhere.. which you can't look at or you die

Not that our first time together wasn't fun ;)

but how do they design infinite worlds with just 1 block type and expect players to walk thousands or even tens of thousands of blocks to find the 1 generated structure they need for progression

agreed completely. i think they kinda move too slow with patches tbh.

like i feel like ive been hearing about this nether update for a year now, and im already hearing a bunch about the next one and we STILL dont have the nether

nether needed this revamp probably a few years ago, and the end def needs a revamp

dont remind me of that 1st exploration LMAOOOO

the end really feels like it was made to be annoying, not made to be hard.

like having to build across islands or ender pearl over is just annoying, not rly challenging.

being levitated by shulkers is rather annoying, not rly challenging. i'm sure theres a ton they could do with the end to improve it but it just takes so long for them to actually get patches out

pretty much just bugfixes + surveys + adding in some QoL for admin codes and stuff.

apparently this is a sign that the nether update should be soon

ppl on reddit r saying next month for the nether update release

@theGreatWingdingi ^^^

Any updates

ian is a whore.

Had to abandon for now. Family stuff came up and I'm not home much again for a few weeks. Sorry. I'll keep it running though--and no one will have admin privileges.

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