@Roragok @alightsoul @anon75925521 @SCSF

lets play guysss

Can u cross console with the Switch

i could put one of em online if ur serious.

if the others wanna play im down @anon75925521 @alightsoul @SCSF

we can play nice and build a big town and have a big map room

Im going to burn down your fucking house

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ok benny will be on my side and thats all i need

@agubar the based god said he would have a modded server for us to play on that I am looking forward to. Vanillas boring AF for me

modded is boring. this is a vanilla only game epok.

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Vanilla with pvp off and limit the size of the map so we all have to share a space

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Force kyle to share me all his iron without whining

Cross platform is available

I will play.

I am building a tower out of iron

We will call it the kyle's iron tower

It needs to be tall.

ok let us play friends. @anon75925521

I want to be clear with everybody about my intentions.

Last time we had a server I was not griefing. I was playing seriously and I made that intention clear in the thread. Some people still had some confusions about this but that is on them and not me.

This time I am definitely griefing. I am going to ruin the minecraft server for my own perverted enjoyment.

The first task will be to find as many llamas as I can and herd them all into the ground floor of krazy-kat's house.

After that I will look for cats.

Why cats? If you fill a person's treasure chest room with cats they will sit on his chests and he will not be able to open them. He won't be able to get his items. Hahaha

I'm down.

Vanilla world?