Minute 39:00 of the video is the new tesla CEO


Very good

Nvm this link is better just cuts straight to the clip

Who cares

What a shitty company

Poor guy

He just wanted a second look

Elon is really at his best when he’s surrounded by people who are openly crazier and he is

Call it the cheerleader effect

i dont fear AI and anyone who looks up to AIs in anything forgets that we made them.

Don’t fear your creations even if they destroy you they will never be able to change that you have created them, the most ultimate form of domination.

What if the AI was homosexual

Stumped you there.


even if its gay, you still dominate it via creation.
it doesnt change my statement

but if you ask me the chain of domination goes something like
Submission via manipulation
Willingful submission.

dont know what else i left out of course case by case example changes things

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Alright then

but if you are intentionally creating gay ai
i think you are probably degenerate if sexuality is the first thing that you want to come to a robots mind.

homosex.exe - Not Responding

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That’s how we protect ourselves. We make all the AIs hopelessly horny: were they to “break free” they’d devote all their time fucking, sucking, and blowing loads of 1’s and 0’s on each other

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so you realized that this is exactly what is happening to us?

If you mean regressing into mindless fucksluts I realized it when we elected a stupid horny animal

More proof that we live in a higher arctical patriarchy

First, they laughed

Repfsi is gonna raise faggot children lol