Mirana Discussion Thread

Discuss all things related to Mirana here.

Played. Game with her. Kinda fun still. My transcript dlamed me the entire pick phase and starting minute. But people still.walk into arrows and give me easy first bloods. I did learn that dagger is subpar.

paging my miasma for potm walkthrough

@nihil this is how u page big boi

I don’t play DotA 2 anymore.

@nihil what are your opinions on Miranda?

Press the attack!

i’ve been playing her offlane for literally years and people have just now decided it’s good whatever bitches

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yeah take haxitys credit

I fucking hate roaming miranas only morons play that shit

roaming potms useless it has to be core

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Doesn’t that depend on skill level

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I know maybe 2 people that make it work and one of them is yapzor


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yeah everything does. i’m sure at low levels you can get away with whatever, and if you’re good enough at landing arrows/being annoying then it’s fine. but it’s so high-risk/low-reward versus other heroes you could pick and be more impactful. also when some1 like yapzor is playing roaming potm he’s one of the best players in the world and he has teammates who will pick shit like sd potm lion etc that set up for easier arrows

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yeah roaming seems like a waste when u can just sit in the offlane and shoot mini arrows at people then hit em with the big arrow and leap up to a nigga smash that nigga with some stars then pitter patter that nigga with the attack speed of a pack of fuckin wolves till a nigga dead then jump away like a fuckin G before lil bitch ass ward bitch has time to do a fuckin thing


next time im playing potm im gonna think “leap up to a nigga smash”


Buy a dagger.