Misinformation about the Nightshade Family Exposed


don't eat tomatoes

i love tomatoes just made a tomato sandwhich

you have been poisoned

He is gonna eat a portabella mushroom next to seal his fate

not really a fan of cooking with mushrooms

they're kind of just spongey water, better than beets tho

@Osiris please behave yourself. if you are gone who will moderate this forum?

I will bare this burden

remember me if im suicided by the shadow deep namafia state


u couldn't even handle a discord without banning someone for saying tipping is dumb

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is it kat? he can just post gifs in response to bad behavior and that'll sharpen people up forsure

Thats because people in the US that dont tip are subhuman degenerates. I stand by this stance and will gladly remove anyone who continues to say that tipping is dumb from my discord

tbf frosty is pretty dumb. jdance can do what he likes in his discord it's his

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Ontopic, please keep your catfights in the lounge

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Plenty of room to eat eachothers cum there

what did he mean by this?

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What do you want to talk about in your thread? What is a nightshade?