monkey king and pl illusion lag

i know people are complaining about it all over the place but does anybody have any idea how to make it better? I never get lag when using MK ulti or anything up until like 3-4 months ago then all of a sudden it started being super bad. i cant even use MK ulti into stun as as soon as MK ulti pops I get 1-3 seconds of lag… :(.

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does it differ from pc to pc? i have a mid-tier computer and i never have had major issues with mk ult

Yeah the better your PC is the worse it runs dota

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i also play on super low settings. the only thing i have checked is animate portrait and my texture/effects are low and shadows are off. i’m sure that helps since MK ult is pretty much putting 15 additional heroes onscreen at once for whatever reason instead of making it 1 entity

I have a VERY high end pc and play on minimum settings, it still ruins my game.

ya fuck dota 2 optimization

i was in a game with an aghs pl on my team and a tb on the enemy team…every time tb pressed q my game crashed or froze for several seconds, was SUPER EPIC

Just get a better PC wtf are your specs

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every1 else including will4zoo had the same issue that game, although i had it worse cause im on a “gaming laptop” :hear_no_evil:

Thats just code for “I’m a retard”

Pepper bought a gaming laptop cuz he needs to be able to pc game at his dad’s after his mom drops him off for the weekend

Told him he should get a mini itx build but honestly sounds like he’s got enough to deal with

this better be true. I’ve heard @pepper is pretty litigious about libel

close but not quite. its so i have an okay computer to use for school, gaming at home, and gaming at my parents’ if I go there for the weekend/holidays.