Monster Hunter

Add ur boy

You know the guy’s a moron when he critiques a build for having no defense. Wish I had the jewels to make a build with no defense shit

No eyepatch 4/10 build

I downloaded the dmg meter when it came out, and i knew people were gonna use it as an excuse to ape out.
I used it to more easily test stuff, comparing my own dmg to my own dmg.

No one in our group has downloaded it because we all want to meme about doing 100% of the damage in every fight and that’s less fun when you can actually check who did the most damage

It’s such a laid back game why would you want to add stats and make it more competitive

Have you been grinding tempered elders? That shit isn’t laid back unless you’re cheesing with sleep+4 heavy bowgun strats

Anyone that pulls meters on me is going to learn what a REAL pop off looks like— I don’t pull punches

Game fucking bores me. Only reason i still played was because of nostalgia.

amers got a bad take que sorpresa

he’s pretty young he cant have all the hot takes