Most wholesome YT Channel you know

Here's mine

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refpsi channel

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I thought gooks eat dogz? Man up dude.

Bill hammacks weird I see him at schnucks all the time he’s got that perfect rod hlagoyevich fake hair

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full disclosure i got these on recommendation from some now year+ old HN thread with ppl who watch these kinds of vids on Youtube

ive wanted to sit down and pick up this new hobby but i still havent really gotten into em so i havent watched most of what i linked. thats pretty fucking hilarious that you see that guy regularly tho

Video will melt your brain and so will zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance or any book by David foster wallace

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The only information worth digestion is contained within the avesta

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Seriously where do I get a sky burial done

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Good shit.

This guys voice is so soothing, going to make good content to watch when I want a break

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Last video was 7 years ago. This guy is dead.


These guys just wander around the world and make videos on it

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