Movies Thread

I have a movie pass, so I’ve been saying lots of trash. Went to the new Jurassic World last week, it was bad from the start, but I walked out when the raptor literally shed a single tear.

Seeing the Mr. Rogers documentary tonight.


hereditary or bust

I really wanted to see it, but it was only in theaters here for half a week


that’s weird, its still out around here. id say its worth driving to some other place to watch it.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor was okay. It was a third too long: it’d have been much better as like a 60 minute HBO documentary

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watched midight express 8/10

Just watched Apocalypse Now again. What a great movie. Glad I was born in the days without the draft.

Just watched it again and it never gets old.

I genuinely enjoyed the Jurassic movie and was surprised to see it’s reviews

I’m going to definitely see crazy rich asians


Watched Mulholland Drive 9/10

Wow, 9/10? Didn’t finish it with my girl but we found it was a little odd. Maybe gotta finish it


I ain’t gonna watch that

It’s really odd, but it kept me entertained and enthralled the whole way through. I’d watch it again to try and understand more

Hereditary was CRAZY. i think that’s the best scary movie i’ve seen in a while

it really was the best horror movie i’d seen in like a decade lol, only thing that maybe came close is the vvitch?

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“First up: The aforementioned Jeff Goldblum show—working title: The Curiosity Of Jeff Goldblum—which has just been green-lit at Nat Geo. Given that Goldblum already appears to exist in a permanent state of “Hmm, yes, fascinating,” we have to assume this new series (which will see him investigate the joys of common day phenomena like baseball and making toilet paper) falls securely under the “get paid to do what you love” rubric for human happiness.”