My Gracious Acceptance

A thread to laud my new accomplishment; quite the happy surprise for me, as it wasn’t to my noggin’s knowledge that I could be awarded such an honor.

I’m happy to accept, thank you Dan and Co. I know the site hasn’t been doing well (SEO, user statistics, lack of series A funding) but I think bequeathing the metaphorical internet-laurels on known alts as “new users” will most certainly fool posters such as BazingaBoy and Ian.

My most succesful threads this month:

  • Thanks, Ladies of NaMafia
  • The Blog Thread
  • Numerous Mafia Games I’ve hosted.

To all aspiring posters, know this: you can be the top-dog too.

I didnt know he was doin this lmao

you dont seem like the kinda guy who’d edit the html just to take a screenshot either…wow!

I think I got it the first month

out of curiosity do you get a title?

(you can see what titles u got in your preferences)

I got a new badge :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank all my past, current and even future friends!


I was the only new user of the month in July. I’m the most special

I thought I was special…

Not to sound antisemite, but if the Academy changes their mind about q0q15 I might wile out

I just got off the phone with Tom Preston-Warner. He’s asking Travis Kalanick for an additional $10m match to his 5.

Roragok should publicize these things cuz I’d imagine those threads have a lot of potential to be funny

Just use it as a means to create a flame machine. We’ll choose posters that would make for good bait like jdance and really let loose before he got too comfortable ruining your threads.

I can see why I wasn’t informed hehe

Nevermind, it’s better to honor good posters like q0q15 but maybe we can also do the newbie thing to flame jdancers too

Something must be done.

Thanks for your continued effort to be the best we at NAMafiA strive for.


I’m a huge fan of any sentence that begins with “Not to sound like an antisemite, but”

Im not a laurel im a yannie