my interviews

give me a special place so i can interview ppl thanks dan

i had a bees interview and i had a LBJ one COMING SOON


Agreed lol

thank you for the support brendan

thank you brendan

we need a frontpage with jones writing a crypto column

as long as my interviews are there sure. i will be providing quality top tier a+ epic interviews

intervieww me

i will be conducting interviews once dan gives me the go ahead ok thank you for the interestText

interviews sound pretty cool

i will pick a person myself(i will take suggestions but no voting)
i will also take suggestions for questions(but i will not tell ppl who i am interviewing)
questions will be about anything and everything ever

You can Conduct interviews through pms very successfully. Pms in discourse are basically like a 2 man topic, and you have access to all of the post editing components In a regular thread so you can edit something if you said something wrong for example. You can also have more than 2 people in a pm thread thingy which works if you’re say trying to engage two people at once

And yeah you can see when messages are being composed so it’s easy to do social pleasantries like waiting for a response, delete your own post if you spoke out of turn by error etc.

I’ll give you the content creator name color tomorrow if I remember heh…

Oh yeah and you can preview the whole thing easily as you write it up. You can style posts via markdown, it might be worth it to look up a cheatsheet. The WYSIWYG editor has more buttons for formatting and theirs custom emoticons underneath the emoji garbage. That’s l I can think of now.

ok im gonna contact first interview :slight_smile: