My Personal Apology For My Behavior Yesterday

I feel the need to apologize for my actions and general behavior I exhibited yesterday; it was not kind nor right to intentionally grief the site.

It was not right for me to:

  1. be unruly and racist toward the moderator team
  2. post off topic responses in every thread
  3. continually make pointless threads, spamming them to the top of the listing
  4. bump old dead threads

My mother and I have instituted a pointed plan to attempt to improve my posting performance and hold me liable for transgressions if they do so happen in the future. I will be working with caring, kind moderators along with a supportive friend group to hopefully productively transition to a better place in my life.

The plan entails using certain well-researched cognitive patterns and thinking exercises to hopefully change my mental processes for the better. Additionally I will be meeting with a licensed therapist and my youth pastor.

I am sorry. I know I negatively impacted your lives and with now clarity I realize this unwarranted and wrong.

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Thanks, it mustve been hard to make that post.

you gay for this

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You did nothing wrong. If anyone told you that you were doing something wrong, that how you know you’re onto something big and need to keep pulling the threads.

Apology accepted! :grinning:

Wish ur mom would institute my pointed plan

I’d like to respond to this post by taking a moment to say that I don’t apologize for any of my posts or behavior and I plan to continue exactly as I’ve been doing