Testing, because I submitted a thread to the experimental subcategory, and it said I was “awaiting moderator approval”

condolences to the poor soul who has to read that

I would not have submitted it if I knew it had to be approved.

It’s filled with nothing but the truth, not sure why you would feel bad about it

Please approve it so I can read it

Sorry, the level of knowledge is too much for mere mortals such as yourself

Only lbj is able to approve it

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Will approve any post for a simple payment of 40 acres, a mule, and a censor bypass

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@jones it should be Boise, Idaho


Might as well just approve it then

for once, administration was right

i didnt mean to have the posts need to be approved thing on its off lol

whens jones gonna cop the ivy league advantage

havent seen his highlight reel yet…

any idea what feeder school he is from?