N64 games

I just set up my n64 at my new place and I’ve been playing Paper Mario since I have no internet yet. Any other games u can suggest?

For the record I have Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, Yoshi’s Story, and Donkey Kong 64.

I want to get Mario Kart / Mario Party 3 / Smash already


goldeneye sucks

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Play starcraft 64

Perfect dark conker and diddy Kong racing

ken griffey jr baseball

i hope this formatting comes out okay

if not then


Extreme g2 was so much fun. Great times with that and Diddy Kong. I liked harvest Moon a lot as a kid.

There are plenty of good games here but I wouldn’t recommend people buy a ton of em. Most worth titles on the n64 are multiplayer imo. I only recommended conkers bad fur day because it always blows peoples minds when you show em that game

Just get an emulator

Yeah but why the fuck should anyone go out of their way to play Glover these days

A lot of them haven’t aged well. Id personally recommend checking out the PS2 GC or Wiiu libraries instead if you wanna bother emulating things

??? all of the games on that list are great except for maybe tetris and the soccer one

glover also fucking bangs, it was an “”“innovative”"" puzzle/physics game for the time. obviously it’s not gonna be amazing compared to today’s standards but ur looking at things in the wrong perspective i think

yeah i see what youre saying

Of course you do, I’m fucking smart and you’re… U

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Anyways rainbow if u do use an emulator use netplay so you can own Dan and show him how great these games are

sorry… but those games are so good, but honestly that’s probably because i’m a female and yoshi’s story is really cute, kirby is just really fun…
i grew up on banjo tooie, never played banjo kazooie…
…the n64 harvest moon was really good

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Banjo is bad

Holy shit you’re a monster for saying that

Kirby 64 is really good

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Dude wtf go play BK, it doesn’t have the great worlds that BT does but it’s much uh simpler