So I've had a bit of trouble in CSGO recently being the absolute dawg that I am.

Pissed off a lot of people. Don't care.

So CSGO it seems the a caster is more important than the team. Tried to hire a company but they overcharge and are woke. So fuck them.

I'm going to be outsourcing casting work to Pakistan.

Lol. Why pay a Yankee to do anything leleleleel

only Europeans are good at csgo

fondest memory bearing a main team at lan then going 11-16 against a premier team at lan


Euros are just try hards. Literal 8k EU dota players play in $150 tourneys.

Lans anything can happen

thats honestly pretty good getting 11 rounds

ESEA match is live!

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Op pa pa people trying to cancel me in csgo cu I called my own players gay and a caster fat and that I'm trying to dick down every caster for as cheap as possible.

Don't care lol let them screech

Nice post

Its from an episode of death note

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I googlef it

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Kapten Robert owns you.

Funny I just ignored them and it went away. I don't understand why castes think they have such influence

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Plasma casting first ESEA match live cuz caster are hyperinflated woke fucks


String ded gaben fucked it up with update gg. Can't reconnect to match.

unfortunate but thanks for trying


Will strim next match

Twitch we are live for tonights match!