NEO is faze coach now kek good for him

That's crazy. They nuking EG just so they don't have to pay out sumail

pouring one out

They were already down bad pre peak6 buyout in 2019 but nicole and her cronies absolutely nuked any chance left with their mismanagement. Throw in riot investigating them for player abuse (not allowing a mentally ill player and a homesick player time off) with sumail's lawsuit and the organization is just imploding. I don't even know who owns them now but they're probably just liquidating assets as quickly as possible

welp that confirms snappi to falcons is a done deal curious who is going to be signing saw would be absurd if he doesn't land in at least a t1.5 team

kinda rooting for gla1ve tbh it would be insane if he could repeat going to a team that struggled with lifting even one top trophy and turned them into one of the best teams of all time

yeah i read they are liquidating. Kek woman ceo kills EG.

But wtf does an org liquidate really some pcs and contracts? Why would nay team buy up any of their contracts just wait for them to die off lol

contracts for players or teams wholesale (not sure on if the players can decline), possibly setup severance packages for all the support and technical staff on the payroll. i know they're looking to sell their lcs spot because riot makes orgs pay to be in their leagues

my understanding is they just lost the lcs spot riot only wants 8 teams now cuz NA giga trash

again those things that ur tlaking about contracts and bullshit who would even buy them i wouldnt i would just wait

idk i don't follow riot games but they probably got reimbursed for losing their slot

for sure

honestly dont know besides having first bid at the players under contract. eg probably open to selling at a loss considering they're just abandoning ship

you would just wait but the next guy might be willing to pay some extra money just to make sure their org is able to get the players, assuming they have a team even worth paying


esports is so fleeting players age like milk or women its almost pointless

You can sell the name I guess. The social medias effectively that they own across all channels thats like the only shit that I can think of.

It’s not clear from this alone whether or not the plan is to entirely liquidate the organisation and then sell on the brand to interested parties or to downsize operations considerably but with ongoing efforts to sell their LCS slot and Valorant players underway the former looks increasingly likely.**