NADEAD MINECRAFT - FINAL SERVER - Hardcore, Small World, 1 life only

I think the beginning when you are injured and living in a dirt shack is actually the hardest time of minecraft, it's very easy to die

aren't we meant to be friendly on this server? are u trying to start a war?

Who can do a monologue like this and stream a video of himself playing on the server

People that learn their speech patterns from other people are the worst

What fucking DRIVEL

"It gets BRUTAL just trying to exist"

Bitch made pussy

Meds. Now.

Hes literally just repeating words and phrases hes heard on the tv

Thanks. This video has really upset me.

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This guy actually thinks passion is real

This "guy" is a woman

This guy making me want to go back to school just to get the degree and not use it because fuck you not everything you do has to have a purpose

You feel worthless because you are worthless buddy

He has friends that are going to cure cancer and friends that traverse the amazon rainforest?

Keep projecting buddy.

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Youre not my buddy, ■■■■■■.

American culture has truly shot your brain LMAO