The clothes on aka

who does that $ go to?

Peruvian dota team is being built, when I start trolling sissy western dota society i want to rock a NA dota hoode. Cuz I am a product of you people. I am NA dota. Just prefer to pay Peruvian prices of 2$ an hour instead of @Sammyboy minimum NA wage. cuz #Capitalism

Love all of you.

Nobody knows

My guess is darkbyte

Everyone knows. its no secret, raw dota/aka henry bought out the website from spitwad in complete secret because it had way too much "bad rep" of him. so he purged it in secret. wouldnt be surprised if the money is going to him or spitwad or sitting in some zombie account they forget ot check. It suddenly disappeared as he was beginning to gain popularity on reddit and twitch

Rather than maintain this boost of popularity the same post and dark side he tried to hide by buying the website manifested on stream

this is my favorite conspiracy theory.

Or maybe some cabal of infamous ex nadota posters that made spitwad an offer he couldn't refuse

Yes most likely, they destroyed a lot of good info and a lot of na dota history. I had a lot of fire ass post and would of easily climbed to fame. Maybe valve did it around the same time they changed the algorithm to assassinate people who dont buy cosmetics and who dont spend money

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that fuck henry? surprising

Yes it was likely him. The time line adds up completely and someone else mentioned this to me before.

why does every na person try to hide their shit? I live mines out in the open.

Bunch o sissy western cucks

thread had a lot of forbidden info.

but yes thats rawdota/henry's darkest secret.

Haxity confirms it.

Also moonmeander roasted then somehow globablly blacklisted KZZ and ruined his dota career.
Shortly after being roasted on stream KZZ completely disappeared from the dota community I suspect very foul play.

IMO sometime around the time NAdota disappeared, all the legendary players who were not selected by valves hyper critical money spending match making rigging algorithm were slowly eliminated from the "high level" dota scene.

luls funny

KZZ was assassinated the same night moonmeander roasted him.
This was the biggest kill.

IDK how they memory holed kzz.

thats some shit. Na dota still cant get hired either lololol dummies cant accept the truth

showing the time line in case you guys need proof. BTW the roast was very brutal

the clip is now permanantly gone

KZZ did go on to play 2 more games and lost after the roast, he was informed that he will never play dota professionally i believe after 2 games later, and he decided to not play or worse, i have a feeling this same night he either killed himself or was assassinated.

you can see his profile has no more games after those FPL games.

There is not a single person who to my knowledge can confirm KZZ is alive.