naDOTA & naMAFIA Lore.

post lore for our most popular posters.

this is NOT a place to dox people. you will be banned for doxxing. this is more just a fun thing.

for an example my name on the old website was Theodore because i think i got banned on my kyle account and i asked to keep an anon account from a Roragok anon mafia game named Theodore

i never knew where the name for the goys came from so thats fun

Not sure if it constitutes Lore but EUMafia was a very real website in development for about two months during the peak of Dan's reign.

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Tell me more about "Nights" lore

lmao this is good lore. i wanna hear more about it

I don't know where exactly jones got the idea for the goy club but it predates the plasma shit. I don't remember if the goy club teamspeak or the goy club domain came first but I do know that jones old domain expired and we were looking for a funny new one. Jones.Goy.Club. Then when int minecraft shut down he put up a server, I think this predates the goy club domain, and that server was also called the goy club and it had a cool goy club header made by me.

On behalf of old nadota member No_regre7s I joined one of these vg inhouses and found it was very fun. They had their own little website with a ranking system and I was QUICK to rise to the top of the list and held it for long periods of time and always got it back. There was a d2g teamspeak ran by a faggot called m72thelaw who had also written the inhouse bot. Nmagane and Big Benny were both moderators of this teamspeak and at first I wasn't accepted in to the cool person circle of the teamspeak but eventually I weasled myself in by posting the old cock-potm drawing I had made for haxity a long time ago and one of nmaganes and big bennys friends, kurtov, really liked it.

Nmagane and Big Benny are notorious for ruining dota 2 games and they both used to frequent the Barnyyy stream as token clowns with their Whacky playstyles.

As time progressed I became good friends with Nmagane, Kurtov and Big Benny and we sometimes played with Chris and Brendan as well as Idclip and other lunatics. Inhouse was getting a bit stale as nmagane and big benny were removed from their moderator posts for having ruined the inhouse way too many times and randomly banning people.

Most people in the inhouses were absolute moron noobcakes and the rest were just game ruiners and griefers and anime fags roleplaying but one person stuck out in his serious manner of playing the game and that was Nude_Tayne whom I later added to steam. He noticed I was a member of the nadota steam group and mentioned that he used to lurk the forum but never posted. I think at the time I had been promoted to Super Moderator on the old boards and so naturally he got a great deal of respect for me.

Eventually Jones nestled himself in with the pack as the inhouse was dying due to losers ruining everything and several of the old iconic members having left due to the influx of new members who weren't in line with the established old way of playing. Eventually we left for the int minecraft teamspeak which kurtov used to frequent and that became our new home until as mentioned above, jones made his own teamspeak. Jones is a bit unstable so he ended up taking it down several times and so we kept to int minecraft. Kurtov ended up being bullycided off the group by nmagane and big benny and jones ruining his personal life and the constant political arguments between him and jones. Eventually brendan was bullied away too and Shaxul, the great Michael Maloney. Fortunately Michael is a chad now and a good looking, financially stable and healthy individual. Idclip was also bullied away for doing heroin.

The prime group of Nmagane, Kaptenrobert, Big Benny, Chris, J-Crispy and Jones ended up being the foundation of The Goy Club and few new members have been accepted since then. Lau and Keml being the latest additions, prior to that andrey and andrey. Toprak is claimed by some to be a member of the club but I highly dispute it. It just as false as saying alightsoul is a member.


this was beautiful. thank you for you contribution.

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I don't got a lot of nadota lore. I guess the oldest tidbit would be NADS. What it used to be. North American Dota Syndicate.

Have some odd stories at ti2-5 tho but reserves for attenders only.

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I used to be own a skype group with no_regre7s, wi$dom, mason, naerok, zai, forrest, tdm, gogey, don aman, prb, oxen etc where we'd just discuss anime, dota and nadota and zai would like let me in to spectate scrims and we'd conspire how to ruin the forum, ruin bulbas life etc but then one day he just unfriended me everywhere and said he couldn't do any of it anymore because he was getting serious with EG.

I still had his phone number so I could continue to creep on him for a while but then eventually I think I went overboard with harrassing him on his stream becuase he ended up banning me from it.

This group was parallell to the famed Forrest skype group and eventually dissolved.
It's the group where jebongo-gabno was born, the author of memefactory and the many nyte memes.

I still have the old skype chatlogs but they take forever to open and read because they're in some stupid format


I might have some wireframes on old PC can check tomorrow. The idea was it would be very easy to make a more successful mafia forum than Dan: which we could then constantly reference here.

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I was in the Forrest Skype grp wild times.

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@anon82208883 is this referencing you?

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Bonk lives in the same city as me...

different kyle

How's I miss this

Nice posts