Nadota Sexism 2

Hmm, I wonder what could possibly be sexist about closing the thread exposing sexism instead of just warning the people who kept engaging in sexism in the thread? Anyone want to explain it to me? I don't understand at all how it's related to the fact yhat women's voices have been consistently silenced throughout all of history and how they've been told to "be nice and polite" every time they bring up the fact that they're oppressed

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unrelated question, how do you block users on this website?

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Also, my reply about Kyle saying the justice system requires evidence that didn't get posted because Kyle locked the thread:

Perfect analogy. Women face an incredibly hard time getting justice for things like domestic abuse and rape. Because even when they do explain things and present evidence, the whole system is biased against the. Then they get death threats and harassed for even bringing it up. So they stop bringing it up.

And she did present evidence. You just dismissed it as "too long." Guess what: it's a complex problem: anything that explains it is going to be long

If @Nyte 's problem people randomly saying sexist shit to her here because she is gril yes thats wrong and should stop :raised_hand:

this ones being closed too. too much negativity for the website. idc whos doing it. its not positive and its a detriment to the website.