NAMafia Banger House Party - Day 2

They are basically forced to kill the tracker claim (even though mimic is very likely to save him, they can't let a confirmed town live). So bomb lives until N2(3?, it seems as if we are already at d2), and we get 2 shots at lynching the ninja, in which case a bomb nightkill suddenly becomes an impossibility and we basically won the game

We only get 1 mislynch. Having bomb alive and hidden means that scum have to CC into VT and we vote in that pool and tracker becomes far more useful. While ninja is alive, they have to fish for the bomb, meaning our other PRs stay safe.

We only have 1 mislynch, so giving tracker a far better chance of a hit tonight makes the game far easier. Bomb can always late claim if it looks like they're the lynch

Do you think scum goes bombhunting while a tracker claim is in the open?

Either way tracker should claim straight up and we'll figure out what to do from there

Yes, kill goes through even if one of mafia is RB.

RB only stops the kill if there is only 1 mafia alive to make the kill.

It's bomb/drunk hunting, and maybe correct. If that's true, why not have bomb claim tracker as well? Lessen the chance they hit tracker n1 to 50/50. I'm not sure exactly how to play around tracker/bomb/roleblocker. Maybe that's why the strategy is:

Give them the three most important targets, make them choose.

However, tracker should be the last claim. Everyone else should claim their visits. That way if tracker hit, he can call them out and not allow them to falsify a claim around their visit

Tracker dying isn't the end of the world since mimic will likely pick up the baton as he dies, we don't need to go out of our way to save him, especially not sacrificing the bomb in the process.

The opposite is also true - by the way, only one visit will be claimed (drunk) other than the tracker himself, there is no "them" to call out in this scenario. If anything I think tracker should claim first, since he has two chances of being exposed (himself being roleblocked and his target being roleblocked, which he claimed made a night action).

What? They either claim a role and who they visited or they claim VT. Tracker claiming last forces the ones that visited gwez to claim they visited gwez, which is sketchy, but if tracker claims first, they can make shit up about who they visited

And I'm not saying tracker doesn't claim today: he just claims last today

There is no way a 1/9 N0 chance of being tracked forces scum to out themselves to have visited gwez before a tracker claim is laid on the table

2/10, actually. 1/5 is a decent chance. What is the reason why tracker should claim first if the drunk, bomb, and tracker all claim today?

Mostly because he might give us a straight up red without us needing to out any other PR's for the time being (remember, janitor was used tonight, 2 mafia was on the kill)

What is the benefit of having drunk or bomb claim first?

Yes, a 2/9 chance of hit (I counted all 10 players, neglecting tracker not tracking himself).

This forces those 2 to claim they visited gwez, even if tracker missed, since tracker holds claim until we get the other claims. Visiting gwez is highly, highly suspect and we can lynch in those.

We have all claim and except mimic and he hides in VT. Everyone claims who they visited, results (if applicable), then tracker claims. There's a good chance he hit one of the two visiting scum (2/9), so they're forced to claim gwez. Otherwise, they can claim a different role and different visit if tracker missed. If tracker hit and they claim a different visit, then they are caught and we hit scum today.

What benefit is there to tracker claiming first today?

Listen, there is no difference between being "forced" to claim drunk on gwez than to be caught straight up, that person is going on the stake regardless.

The benefit is that we get to possibly end the day with a 100% scumlynch without any other claims

That's the point. They don't have to claim on gwez if they know tracker missed. They have a much safer claim method.

And why do you assume drunk? Know something town doesn't?

What if a PR visited gwez? Say 1 PR visited gwez. Then if they claim that and tracker hit them, scum doesn't have to claim they visited gwez. This becomes a mislynch and is a 1/6 scenario. If scum is forced to claim visiting gwez and 1 PR visited gwez it's a 2/3 chance of lynching scum.

Once again, what's the benefit of tracker claiming first? A mass claim today (minus mimic) is the best chance of winning, and gives us a solid chance of catching scum in a 1 mislynch game

Why would you assume mafia is going for anything other than VT at D1? Especially in this playerpool?

I assume that the mimic isn't a complete dumbass and didn't waste his ability, other than that there is no other town roles to claim.

If a PR claims to have visited gwez without a track on him(extremely suspicious move) then we should let him live and have mimic attempt to take his role (instead of the tracker), serving as a 2-in-1 save town/cop scum move.