NAMafia Banger House Party - Day 3


ewiz you realize by roleblocking nyte you are saying that you believe she is a hooker?

kinda sexist.

Damn, this can actually be the case. I'll wait for a faz clarification though

Explains why he was so fucking slow with his claim too

I did it because she was the most scummy, not because she's a woman. So it means I think hookers are scummy and makes me a SWERF, not a sexist

He did post it in response to

though which kind of implicates the janitor would need to lead the kill

Mafia kill and mafia roleblock can both be performed as night actions. It is not pick one or another.

So mafia will lead a kill on one person, and hooker is part of the kill and can choose to hook (role block) completely different target

Can the janitor hide people while not leading the kill?


if hooker/roleblocker is last mafia alive. he/she can kill one person and role block another.

However drunk will lead the action at night and can block a hooker/roleblocker from doing both. Therefore hooker can't roleblock drunk and make a kill.

Kill and night action for mafia players is two separate choices on a drop down menu. They are completely independent of each other.

klaze is angleshooting by asking questiions in thread dont believe his lies he mafia

Alright, so bazinga could be janitor and gwez was bomb. Sdad could've been hookered and they're both PRs, so nyte isn't hooker (could be janitor still and gwez was VT). Sdad could be janitor and gwez was mimic.

Need to examine all the isos and figure out possible pairings

If you got roleblocked @DiendaMahdik tell us please

yeah dude i bussed ninja for no raisin

If you didn't, post your fucking results

i guess if you think it's nyte / bazinga/ lucky team it isnt that ■■■■■■■■ but come on now.

whoops i did an ableism sorry mentally incapacitated folk!

If you did, you'd have done it expecting sdad to mimic me, then mislynch one then the other for the win with the credibility of killing scum day 1 and no PR CC, plus a reason you'd never be kill or hooker target. Seems pretty game winning as scum

Like, actually this is nearly a 100% win as scum.

@mafiabot vote bazingaboy

You hard bussed as scum last game, why would this be out of the question?