NAMafia Banger House Party - Day 3

I dont think you go for bomb play cause all it does is save yourself while giving no info since im cleared

Well, it didn't work anyways, and I felt like ewiz was going to push me regardless of result judging by his D1 play so I did it to counteract that, though you're probably correct in it is that it's a mechanically bad play.

didn’t bazingaboy claim bomb? or who did?

i am at lunch so can’t read much but when i’m back at the office i want to check day 1 again

Also the fun factor for me personally, being a 100% untouchable IC that will make it to the lategame probably makes up for whatever -EV loss we suffered

if you didnt know roleblocker could roleblock while being on a kill then you made your last plan about us claiming not knowing the mechanics that cuck us... doesnt seem like a town klaze thing to do tbh

actually maybe electrowizard roleblockd you. that would be pretty cool.

I thought it was fairly obvious he couldn't, judging by how the mechanics of the game worked (2 scum being pre-occupied by the nightkill) but seeing how the night turned out I guess I was wrong.

@electrowizard who did you roleblock

that would be insanely dumb but yeah it's a definitive possibility

Roleblocking literally doesn't do anything except from stopping the scum roleblock if he could use it separately, which is something Ewiz didn't believe before the day ended, otherwise he would've made it crystal clear as it was my main motivation to lynch scum yesterday.

Otherwise it only serves to stop scum from being tracker exposed and using it on me is even worse obv

Yeah bazinga is un cc'd bomb I feel like trying to push on him today is literally griefing since we killed the ninja

Yeah, I can only assume I got roleblocked. Otherwise there has to be a mega griefing real bomb somewhere


Why use the roleblock on a target that is likely to be tracked with no benefit from (supposedly) your PoV?

Were you aware that scum could use their roleblock ability in addition to the escort participating in the kill?

There are three options:

  1. Both claims are true and sdad got hookered if scum can nk and use hooker. I don't think they can reading the set-up
  2. Bazinga is janitor and gwez was bomb
  3. Sdad is janitor and gwez was mimic

Have to iso the interactions after Friday magic, but it could be nyte+bazinga

why would i bus ninja, i guess if we killed bomb we dont need him. but then we would kill tracker

I am incredibly bad at this game. Will report further thoughts after work.

Then why use your ability if you thought this? It is strictly a bad move as it hinders our tracker from getting helpful results, while your result has no indicative info.

Impossible. No scum died N0 and faz clarified earlier that you can't disarm and hide a bomb at the same time.

Post your result dude

I don't think they can. Did faz say they could? The set-up doesn't look that way to me.

If they could be both, hooker would've visited two people when it says explicitly one per night

I missed EoD and wasn't on until just now. I sent in my actions shortly after my last post with first RB target nyte, second supa.