Namafia Courts an Inmate

Not into it any more

I don’t feel too bad for this one though

That’s why I chose her

It would help if it also included what they did

I showed it to Forest last night and he gave me like three Links of news stories with their names they kill their kids and shit

seems like a real catch

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I was surprised how few were in for drugs

A lot of them have release dates in 10+ years

They are looking for somebody to talk to

Yeah I’m fine with those ones

How can you tell me you’re going to feel bad for Alexis though

she has a picture of herself kissing a black guy on Facebook you sure you wanna continue with this?

Why shouldn’t I

Explain it to me

Assault with a deadly weapon? Yikes.

She’s very entitled and hasn’t been humbled by incarceration

Every person in that situation is going to have a terrible personality both because that’s how they got there in the first place and because it isn’t a place that cultivates healthy behaviors

A lot of the listings are from better people

Show me one

How do you know which are better people and which are just better at writing a 3 paragraph blurb that appeals to your standards