Namafia Courts an Inmate

Write lines or paragraphs and I’ll include them in a handwritten letter to a cute babe

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Great thread

I will work on this when I have some time.

We have historically been pretty good writers of love letters on this site - we know women

a man who is 35 or older to spoil me, someone who is educated, established, thoughtful, loving, kind, compassionate but also passionate, fun and only has eyes for me. He’s to have a great sense of humor and be interested in a serious friendship which in hopes of a flourishing long lasting future relationship. I am willing to relocate for the right man. Only serious responses needed.

great thread, hopefully there are some strong men able to reform these women and give them nice children.

Hey Alexis,

I was looking through the site when I came across your profile. My name’s Bill and – if youll excuse me being forward – I think you’re gorgeous. I’ve heard of flowers that bloom in the dark but you’re something else.

I’m dying to tell you all about myself and let you know more about why I’m the man of your dreams, but first I want to hear more about you Alexis. Do you have any hobbies? Have you been in love before? What’s your favorite kind of date?

Can’t wait to hear more from you hun.

Yours Truly,
Bill Wongstein

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someone that has time please reformat the troia letters

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35 or older

can we find a babe with realistic expectations

I thought this one was funny but if we want a good chance at a response someone else might be better

  • Alexis
  • Someone else

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Due to my long history of successful and semi-successful courtships of women online (currently the only user endorsed by ALL female members of NAMafia) I believe I am uniquely positioned in this situation to provide expert input on this delicate situation.

It’s maximally important we tell her exactly the truth and do not mislead her - both because it would be unfair to her and because it would be unfair to us when we inevitably begin a long-term relationship with this young lady and have to continuously represent ourselves as something we are not (which would be emotionally exhausting)

In that vein, and also keeping in mind that openers are key, I think we should spend some time together on writing the first sentence.

I am thinking something like:

Dearest Alexis,

We are a community of mentally ill people and former video game players called ‘NADOTA LTD’ and are interested in learning how to talk to a woman.

Also I feel less bad writing to this one

I’m thinking it would work better to write it as one person

wtf dude I know her

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We have an in

no just kidding but a lot of her friends on Facebook have mutual friends with me

What did she do to get locked up

She’s 23 and looking for a man 35 or older

My kinda gal

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Alright I looked through it more and I just feel bad for these people