NAMafia DEI Training

Jones is not 25.



tag yourself

This colony will fail.

How can I choose 8?

Can I choose less?

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Must choose 8

I literally dont want to choose any of these people

i think the top picks were pretty clear. plasma has experience in sustainable quail farming and delegating tasks as a manager. insom has a good background in literature/religion and would make an excellent cult leader especially if we are forced to resort to cannibalism or human sacrifice

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i think the kats are being slept on. krazykat makes a good chili while kat brings the fire memes

I chose myself and Kat for selfish reasons.
Being an astronaut was one of my childhood dreams.

Why is no one voting the chad Canadian and his gf?
They could be the next Adam and Eve.

I noticed a few people (not naming any names) voted for to bring the Canadian's fiance but leave him behind. What's up with that?