NAMafia DEI Training

Due to recent issues with insensitive comments/private messages sent by some users on this website, I am going to host a series of discussions/educational sessions on various DEI & workplace sensitivity concepts.

Participation is mandatory for ALL users of the site.

Exercise 1:

Whomst do you save?

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8 hispanic clergymen

Osiris's planet will die off in the first generation. I'm glad we had the opportunity to workshop this before asking him to make any real decisions - this is very bad

I'm aiming for the conquistador approach convert the locals and take their women. Im pretty sure 8 is too low a number for a viable gene pool so if the planet is uninhabited we're screwed anyway might as well get some good theological debate in before the end

There are also no botanists or carpenters on the list this colony is fucked anyway

I got rid of all the people who wouldn't do hard labor


will there be a rimworld competition simulating this?

Explain your reasoning

The alien approach is interesting but a big assumption

my choices are most influenced by not having gay people or people with drug problems

the gay people would be annoying and we would be unable to reproduce

the substance abuse people are a sort of people i do not want to reproduce on our new planet

in fact i would make being gay a crime on the new planet


If I was given this at my workplace I would tick all the boxes and pretend to be ■■■■■■■■■


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Thread should be retrofitted to be 8 members of this community instead

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Great idea

Who to Save?
  • A North African who has not had a job in 10 years
  • A 23-year-old man who delivers pizza and sexually abuses minors
  • The 6ft-tall employee of the Canadian government travelling the world on 8-month ETO
  • A racially-ambiguous ex-military contractor with an unhealthy fascination for rats
  • A 25-year-old competitive swimmer and landscape architect with encyclopedic knowledge of the writings of Theodore Kaczynski
  • The Canadian gov't employee's fiance
  • A self-professed Nazi from the Dominican Republic working as a janitor in NYC and going on his tenth month of nofap
  • JCrispy
  • An unemployed Canadian man with chronic health issues who watches CNN all day
  • Two cats (one Krazy and one Kat)
  • A quail egg farmer from Quebec who runs an e-sports organization with cheap overseas labor
  • The gay admin & Lead UX Designer of a dead mafia website

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Take your time on tha mastapiece

OK try now