NAMafia Film Club

post stuff about films here

organize viewings on

I prefer syncplay but would not really like to share my thoughts on what movies to watch, my taste is no good

maybe this is easy bait for a donamon return

who would like to watch Your Name with me tomorrow night lmao

just watch it with ur gf?

nah were watching jojo tomorrow

its something ud rather watch with ur gf than with nadota

alright ill just sit on it

hwo about Memories of Murder, thats one ive been sitting on

i skimmed the wiki and it doesnt rly appeal to me

btw i hardly ever watch films

There’s a bunch of sites to watch movies together, we should have movie night :) I’ll bring the blankets

Rewatched boondock saints for the xth time tonight and it’s still just as lovely as ever

i want pretentious shit that doesnt suck tbh

or really funny shit

but ofc majority taste should rule


Call Me By Youre Name, WinterDeep

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lets watch Stalker