You know how to mute someone right? Like it’ll hide their posts and they can’t pm you etc

"Jones" Doesn't exist. IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

i want blood

Youre not going to get it and you know you want to keep posting so just do it and drop the cancel culture woke bullshi5

bloodthirsty libtard feigning "standards" and "morals" to attack the well turned-out and beautiful.

if you want to get me banned you need to make an exceedingly cringe post in the lounge that I can, by coincidence, reproduce in the general forum with the purpose of humiliating you.

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U all remind me of gay


not in the fucking slightest
i am not going to participate in a website where jones is a member
i don't even like most of you

cancel culture woke bullshit for wanting someone who desecrated a memorial thread, actively bullied a person grieving over said loss, and had absolutely no punishment what so ever? and where multiple people defended his right to post those things?

why the fuck would i want to spend a single second on a website like that

what a cute little defense, do you say it every time you act like a massive piece of shit and someone talks back to you?

yeah bro posting AI art and long unhinged audio rants in a thread that's supposed to be about remembering somebody who died?

if you don't see how utterly vile that is you're probably just as sociopathic as jones is

yall make me sick

just read the 20 odd posts or so that I missed out on in that thread and yeah, I 1000% made the correct decision. holy fuck.

ya'll should take the fucking nadota logo down off your site, you don't deserve to use it.

this place is a disgrace.

You're taking out the problems in your life on people on this site just like jones is

good question for someone posting on the website

I have literally zero problems in my life.

"If there was a shark or you get electrocuted, I'll take electrocution every single time. I'm not getting near the shark."

Insom is the biggest narcissist i have ever seen just let other people exist. The only reason you care so deeply about how others behave is because you feel better than them

I like squirrels

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Turning someone else's death into your own petty narcissistic ultimatum is based, actually, and more of what this forum needs.

i dont. we dont got enough to spill and things have been chill, surprisingly