NAMAFIA Sponsor SftP *Forrest Stack*

to the powers that be

Bring on forrests stack, give them 25$ a month 5$ a player, and they just change their names to on jDL and change banners and all

My team has had an average of 1000 viewers per premier match. Don’t know their numbers but should be similar.

A person who cares about NA dotes.

Who makes the most money on namafia currently? Just get them to shill out 25 a month

plasma u disavowed me after all i did for u, why would i invest? What’s my roi here

glazed is our new manager he just doesnt know it yet

Does that give them a months supply of rice.

How about a one outs contract.

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I can never disavow family fam. Why would you invest? You want people to come to your website. ROI? I dunno you figure that out with google ads or what have you.

Ur basically getting Bangladeshi prices for Americans with this deal. Its a win win for everyone. They aint getting a dime.

$25usd a month for 4 months for the next jDL Premier Season pay via paypal to Forrest, he will redistribute it amongst the players.

Premier is no joke either. Alliance was there in EU. Asia division has 2 Canadians, 2 of the greeks are there. ExcT, Tigers, Clutch Gamers, those are all teams that have played in international tournaments

Can I sponsor the team but use my own name not this website

How do u get paid in this scenario

I have so many questions

uhh the name is always a tricky thing but if they are capitalists and not communists they should capitulate. Good way to weed out the commies here any way. Thats a Forrest and co decision

I don’t get paid in this scenario. Karmo points if anything

Keep asking questions then

You don’t get paid? How do you cover your costs?

What if we paid them in wongs.


im not paying them anything Forrest doesnt play for Glazed Gaming im just trying to SftP out

$usd only acceptable currency

what if wongs could be exchanged for merchandise