Namafia Yearly Awards

With so many new posters I think we should keep up the end of the year awards. Anyone still got the template?

Best ideas: jdance

Let’s do it. 50 Wong’s to whoever wants to take on the project.

I am happy to accept the mafia MVP award for the third year in a row. Thank you all for the nominations and good luck in the competition next year!

Pretty sure that’s me.

Maybe I’ll win most patreotic now that grants gone.


Not if @infinite_regen drops in a chopper just to cuck you

I lost by like one vote and it was gay. I went hard for merica at those events.

Can confirm.

damn I can’t remember any of them except best poster best thread and best new poster

Best mafia god aka me

I’ll gladly accept my best poster nomination once again

Two of those won by me

I’d give you most improved this year for the half a year you didn’t post

And also for the avatar

i’m requesting best 2014er please

Uhh @pepper won that I think

new year new rewards clearly

where my 2013ers at