Name Colors

What are these new colors in names? Just curious.

Dan received a McArthur Genius Grant and got some of the devs gold names with the prize money

kyle and forrest are the content creator color

people who are helping me build plugins get gold for now, i meanas long as they follow through anyways

give the latest mafia winner a special color of their choice iunno xDD!

That’s a group of people though. I think I’d be better off handing out victory badges. You can get multiple over time and it serves as a way to measure your dick lol

the idea is more so so ppl who dont play mafia are encouraged to play for a name color IUNNO DAN

if people join mafia to play for a win with a name color the other players will not have a particularly good experience with that player

some dude just signing a 10 day long event to cahnge his color lmao

i think you have something interesting here though. it’s just a bitch to individually change peoples colors without assigning them toa group and making it their primary group (then you lose the pray thing for example). i think once the leaderboard rolls around i will give season winners color choice or smoething, as long as it’s not a color that only works on one skin.

for now, if anyone tries mafia ill give them a free sub on their profile ( @anon31000304 ) to reward them for giving it a shot. regular players will still need to sub for a sub lol

hell yes i get my sub sandwich back? im back

yeah i realized it’s counter-productive otherwise…if you wanted the sandwich that bad you might be motivated to not sign just to sub. and you really tried that game, so you deserve it!

sick sandwich